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Decouvrir Nos Produits

Toutes nos morilles sont ramassées et séchées naturellement 

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Colombie Britannique

In pursuit of the Fire Morel 

Each year the Canadian forests are ravaged by natural fires sometimes causing a surge of "fire morels" the following year.


We discovered this natural phenomenon in 2013 and since then it has become an essential part of our lives.


The Beauty of Morel Harvesting is found in the discovery of unique landscapes, moments of solitude in the woods, and the unpredictability of each day even after years of experience.



Our Adventures

Morchella Conica; a patch of black morels which grow on an ideal ground containing at the same time shade, sun, humidity and a lot of decomposing organic matter. Next to the morel mushroom are orange cups( geopyxis carbonaria )which are good indicators of future morel mushrooms.

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