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Morille Sauvage

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Did you just buy morels?
See the recipe 

Good morning!  my name is Morgan.  
I am
a morel picker/seller.  When I'm not in the forest, you can find me on Ile de Ré in La Flotte at the medieval market. In December I am in Lyon area.   To find me look at the Calendar of Events, or send an email and I'll let you know my upcoming markets or events.

Morille Sauvage's Dried Morels


Preserving Nature's Quality

Dried Morels are revered in the culinary world for being even more flavourful than the fresh mushrooms. 

All of our mushrooms are sourced in the forests of Canada.  Morille Sauvage promises a product of the highest quality as all of our mushrooms are picked, dried by our small team. 

Morels dried in cool air to preserve the overall quality of shape, color and flavor.  Dried morels represent 1/10th of their original weight, once rehydrated they will double in volume. 

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