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Scallops with Leeks and Morels on toast

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Morille Sauvage

Serves 4

12 scallops

1 finely minced shallot

25 grams of dried morels, rehydrated

 3 tablespoons sour cream

1 small white leek (6-7 cm long)

4 small slices of stale baguette not too thin

2 pieces of butter (1 + 1) 1 tsp olive oil

Salt and pepper from the mill


Melt the shallot in the not too hot butter. When it is transparent, add the morels, sprinkle them with part of the soaking juice and simmer for a few minutes, until practically no liquid remains. Season, add the cream, give a quick boil so that the cream thickens. Keep warm.


While the morels cook, cut the leek white into sticks and cook in a spoonful of water until it is tender, drain and add to the mushrooms at the same time as the cream.


In the pan, with the remaining knob of butter, brown the slices of bread, set aside. Heat the olive oil vigorously so as to sear the scallops for about 1 minute (or a little more as appropriate) on each side.

Arrange the morels with the leek fondue in the middle of the plate using a circle, sprinkle with a little creamy juice, add the scallops, wedging them well over the mushrooms, carefully remove the circle and poke the potato between seafood. Optionally decorate with a little sauce.

Lobster with Morels 

Pour 4 personnes:​

4 homards bleus
1 carotte
1 branche de céleri
1 oignon

1 bouquet garni
Gros sel

Vinaigre blanc

Poivre du moulin
100 g d’échalote
50 g de fenouil
Concentré de tomate
10 g de crème montée
12 asperges vertes
50 g de morilles séchées, réhydratées

For 4 people

4 blue lobsters

• 1 carrot

• 1 celery stalk

• 1 onion

• Thyme

• Laurel


• 1 bouquet garni

• Coarse salt

• White vinegar

• Freshly ground pepper

• 100 g shallots

• 50 g fennel

• Cognac

• Tomato concentrate

• 10 g of whipped cream

• 12 green asparagus

• 50 grams dried morels, rehydrated




Make a boullion by boiling the carrot, celery and chopped shallot for 15 minutes in water with vinegar added. Keep the tails whole. Cook the claws and innerclaws in the bullion for 5 minutes, shell them and set aside.


Lobster bisque


In a sautoir with the olive oil,  brown the crushed lobster heads. Flambé with cognac. Add the carrot, onion and fennel cut in mirepoix as well as the tomato concentrate . Season, moisten with the water from rehydrating the morels , and let cook over low heat for 45 minutes. Filter in a fine cheesecloth, reduce over a hot flame by half and adjust the seasoning, add the cream and keep warm.




Peel the asparagus, steam until cooked.


Finishing and dressing

Raw cut 3 sections in each of the lobster tails, roast them in olive oil. Add the tongs, the bisque and cook together over low heat. Fry the morels in butter and reheat the asparagus. Arrange the lobster sections and the claws on the plate. Add the morels, the asparagus tips and a few chervil sprigs.



By Jean-Paul Seurat

The Cravings

53 rue Jeannin

21000 Dijon

03 80 67 69 37


Morille Sauvage

La Qualité de la Nature

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Pine Spruce Branches  3
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