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Pine Spruce Branches 6
Tree Trunk
Morille Sauvage
Morille Sauvage

Lac Puntzi, BC
Rae Edzo, Alberta
Reid Lake, NWT

In 2016 we wanted to make the most of the season which started with a boom and fizzled out quickly in Puntzi lake, after picking very little we left on a great adventure to the Northwest Territories and ended up in the middle of nowhere a place called Rae Edzo.  The terrain was swampy and difficult to walk and all the mushrooms grew and died within a 2 week period.  We took our chances afterwards and went on a canoe mission north of Yellowknife on Reid Lake where we picked morels growing out of the earth filled holes and cracks of big boulders that surrounded the lake.  It was a short but sweet time in one of the most beautiful and faraway regions of Canada.

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