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How to Cook Morels


Veal with Cider and Morels

Fish / Seafood

Lobster with Morels 

Scallops with Leeks and Morels 


Pasta with Morels and Asparagus Tips


Stuffed Morels

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How to Cook Morels

One dry morel represents 1/10th of its normal weight.  Once rehydrated the morels double in volume.

Method of Rehydration

  •  Rehydrate morels in cool water overnight (+12 hours)

  •  or in warm water (never use boiling water) for 30min-1 hour.


      Keep your water used for rehydrating the morels to make the sauce.  Let it reduce over a large flame until it reaches about 1/3rd its volume.

      One can also rehydrate their morels using milk, cream or wine (the liquid of your choice based on the recipe).

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